Bishop Shammah Womack-El

    As a Prophetic Physician, I combine proven holistic science with God’s guidance to create Prophetic Forecasts that help people achieve an optimal lifestyle.

    My Prophetic Forecasts have been changing people’s lives for over 36 years. Merging divine principals with proven scientific methods has reversed and prevented illness and disease as well as led to successful businesses, romantic relationships and healthy finances.

    Please consider sowing a financial contribution toward the ministry to help me carry this message of healing and transformation to the world. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Click the button to give.

    Live stream with Bishop Womack-El, Each Sunday at 8pm EST.

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    • Sep, 18

      FREE 3-Day Teleseminar with Bishop Shammah Womack-El

      DISCOVER A NEW HOLY VOCATION! Learn the Secrets of Becoming a MINISTER OF HEALTH & HEALING & WELLNESS COACH. Help people through Health & Wellness, Lifestyle Education, Exercise Guidance, Proper Food Choices & Meal Planning, and Quick, Easy Food Preparations. Learn How to Effectively Communicate the Benefits of Holistic Living using Biblical Principles, Behavior Modification, Disease Prevention, and […]

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