You are a true miracle worker and your supplements are like manna from heaven. Thank you for being just you.

G. CampbellBrooklyn, NY

I have taken many colon cleansers over the years but nothing like the Holy Movement. I love this stuff. I feel lighter and function much brighter. Keep up the good work with your formulas. They really work.

Kevin HolmesNewark, NJ

Learning about Dr. Womack-El and using his Holy Movement definitely changed my life. I lost 17 pounds and I feel so much better, happier and lighter. Thank you for being an excellent teacher too.

Mary PortizkyNew York, NY

Bishop Womack-El you motivated me more to change the way I eat, and using your health products is a plus in my life. The world should know about and what outstanding products you have for vitality and longevity. read more

Les BrownLeading Motivational Speaker

I look better, feel better and work so much better.  I think you got magic in these bottles.  I’m telling all of my friends and all my friends are telling me-Give me some of that of what you’re taking. 

Pamela EasonBrooklyn, NY

Since I started taking the Ultra Greens I feel so much more alive and have so much more energy, no more drowsiness after work!  It’s a miracle food. 

Rev. Greg ShorterInglewood, CA

Following Dr. Womack-El’s plan toward a better wealth, I had lost 20 pounds within the first couple of months. First off, he taught me “Your Health is Wealth,” a concept I have adopted for life. read more

Bishop E. Bernard JordanZoë Ministries

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