Are you living life abundantly?


As the Prophetic Physician, this Prophet of God combines proven holistic science with God’s guidance to create Prophetic Forecasts that enable people to govern their lives at an optimal level. Thousands have sought his God- inspired counsel and for over 36 years his forecasts have been changing lives. Countless testimonies have been received sharing how the prophetic forecasts reversed and prevented illnesses and diseases, led to successful businesses, and resulted in romantic relationships and healthy finances. A prophetic forecast could just be what you need. Answers and divine guidance are available.

  • Wellness Inventory: With keen blessed insight, I’ll conduct a Wellness Inventory to determine the condition of your physical, mental, social, financial and spiritual health. Through our conversations and a series of clinically proven tests, I’ll find the core causes that are keeping you from living life to the fullest.
  • Divine Prescription: I’ll create a customized program that will help you live a balanced, holistic, healthy life.  My prophetic insights will illuminate the best time and season to proactively improve your lifestyle.
  • God’s Natural Pharmacy: As a Master Herbalist of Drugless Medicine, Doctor of Naturopathy and Doctor in Holistic Health Sciences, I know how to utilize herbs and herbal extracts for your body’s optimal health.

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