You are not alive to be sad. You were meant to be and feel happy. This is why you are invited to join Bishop Womack-El’s Health and Wellness Crusade. One of Bishop’s divine assignments is to offer everyone an alternative to medical doctors, hospitals, surgery, and chemical drugs.

Physical, emotional and financial bankruptcy are embedded in the standard system of disease management. Surgery, disease, medical bills and the like do not make the average person happy! The alternative is Happy Medicine. You need to experience it. As a Naturopathic Doctor with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Womack-El advocates a health program that is biblically based, scientifically substantiated and practical in application. He unequivocally affirms that God has a remedy in the earth for every sickness and disease.

To paraphrase, the scripture 3 John 2 states that prosperity, in all its forms, and health are tied to soul prosperity. It is evident that the state of one’s soul impacts the condition of the physical body. In other words, the mind and body are one. The body is simply a “physical receipt” of what is occurring in the mind. This truth underscores why Dr. Womack-El’s health program is grounded in the discovery of what is ailing a person’s mind. The revelation will result in a positive impact on physical health. Heal the mind and healing of the body is soon to follow. This is an effective, proven, non-invasive holistic health approach to wholeness.

Dr. Womack-El has witnessed and received numerous testimonies of how consistent use, of even the basic principles of this program, has resulted in radical health transformations. Dr. Womack blends ancient techniques with various modern scientific advancements for a truly holistic healing program. Many of his tried and triumphant methods have reversed all kinds of chronic and degenerative diseases. Dr. Womack-El’s all naturopathic healing approach to wellness is quite successful. He can assist you with supervision to rejuvenate your life and detoxify your body tissues for improved health and longevity. Contact Dr. Womack-El to begin the process of health renewal.


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