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The Priest of Increase

– Bishop Shammah Womack-El

About Bishop Shammah Womack-El

Destined to be a unique gift to the body of Christ, Bishop Shammah Womack-El has been equipping people of God for the work of the ministry for nearly 40 years. As a Bishop in the house of the Lord and Senior Pastor of the Temple of Radiant Light at Bloomfield, New Jersey, he has a heart for reaching the lost and bringing them into the light of God’s love.

A profound communicator, Bishop Womack-El teaches, preaches and coaches individuals from varied backgrounds, in order to transport them into spiritual truth and illumination of who they are in Christ. His obedience to God and a love for people are the crux of his commitment to an evangelistic lifestyle.

Dr. Womack-El is a world class Naturopathic Holistic Scientist and Master Herbalist of Drug-less Medicine, which he calls God’s Natural Pharmacy. He is in high demand as conference speaker, lecturing on multiple topics, including Naturopathic Health and the Science of Financial Wellness. Additionally, he serves as a private prophetic consultant to high-profile organizations, individuals and youth groups on behavior modification, holistic living, goal setting and moral enhancement.

Widely known as the ‘The Priest of Increase’ for his keen prophetic abilities, insight and forecasting gift to humanity. He conducts thousands of sessions throughout the year in prophetic life coaching, empowering the lives of many by radio, television, webinars, seminars, workshops and personal telephone conferencing.

Dr. Womack-El is the president of Christian Bible Mobile University and is the presiding Prelate of the Temple of Radiant Light at Bloomfield Township, New Jersey Republic. Dr. Womack-El holds a Doctorate of Health Science from Bastyr School of Natural Medicine. He also earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Naturopathy from Barrington University. A strong advocate of body movement and its impact on heath, Dr. Womack-El garnered a Black Belt in Tai Chi Chuan from Chung Lau Martial Arts and a Green Belt in Hapkido from the New York Mixed Martial Arts Club. He is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach and personal trainer.

His major educational achievements encompass the election and elevation to the Robert Leighton Sacred Order of Anglican Bishops in Westminster Abbey; a Doctorate of Divinity from the International Bible College and Seminary; a Doctorate of Theology from Trinity College and Theological Seminary; and a Doctorate of Religious Education from Shealds Christian College.

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